Proactive Funding & Dedicated Approach

A&D is specialized in grants and project management. With more than 15 years experience in grants and proposal writing, liaising with community partners and donors, business development, and project management we can guarantee that your project has been screened for funding opportunities, assessed, carefully developed, supervised and managed on time, within budget and up to the highest standards! This is our way of supporting non-profits and other small businesses and giving back to the community.

A&D approach to writing proposals:

A. Grant Scoping & Assessment: Identifying appropriate prospects for your organization whether it is a government grant, application to start or expand your business, rooting your non-profit in the community, social entrepreneurship, research and or innovation.

B. Identifying Resources: A&D is your resource partner! We offer  training and support to your team members interested in working on building proposals. 

C. Follow-up with Donors: Understanding funders needs is a basis for building a solid proposal. We always start-up with contacting the funder, attending information sessions and building a working relationship. Same for business plans, we start by understanding your needs and the bank expectations.

D. Post Grant Support: Our support doesn’t end with winning the grant. We can help in project management, reporting and other funder requirements.